JessyD Designs

Conquering the world, one cuppa at a time!

Such a Nanna in my old age… and you know what??? I’m totally okay with that! 👵🏼

I love my cups of tea. I love my warm cozy winter pj’s. And I love being at home every night next to the heater learning how to make my dreams come true in between hide-and-seek with my 4 year old. #proudmummy

My night time routine has changed since my 20’s and changed for the better!

So when I look in the mirror and see stretch marks from pregnancy, wrinkles from age, and constantly yawn from staying up too late studying how to grow my dream business – I’m okay with it.

I smile and give myself an imaginary pat on the back because I’m here, showing up everyday being the best version of myself and constantly improving the skills and mind-set I need to build MY #artempire 💜

I am proof that women left with a broken heart and shattered dreams can turn their life around and find the courage to follow their dreams.. even if it means massive sacrifices.

Single mums unite! Women supporting women! Boss babes! We are unstoppable when we truely believe in ourselves and our own ability to CONQUER THE WORLD!!


Jessica Dalgleish ~ Artist @JessyD_Designs

By jessyddesigns

Dot mandala artist and teacher.

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