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Technology HEADACHE!

So much to learn! Where to start… what to prioritize!!!!?????

Today I had yet another coaching call about how to grow my business and I am now once again, left feeling overwhelmed and stressed about whether I can actually make this, or create this, ‘art empire’!

Is Dot Mandala’s the right NICHE to be in? Can I make not just a full time income from this niche, but double or TRIPLE a full time income to set myself and my daughter up for life??

And here enters the great big ugly SELF DOUBT element of my personality. Still, I will remain true to my purpose, and continue to believe that the universe has my back! With each step I take I grow… and one cannot have an empire.. without knowing how to manage an empire!

Soooooo… I shall continue to study, learn and create…. and keep you updated with my progress!

Much love and gratitude to you!


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Is it possible to create an online art empire?

A question I ask myself every single day. It seems that all the research I’ve done most artists are indeed ‘starving artists’. It is very rare to find an artist earning enough from their art to sustain an income. From what I can see there are few that have created large followings online and sell their work. Is this enough to sustain an income. But even more importantly, is this enough to create an EMPIRE and a bank balance to back it!?!

I’ve known for a couple years now that I want an online business. I’ve followed some amazing entrepreneurs and been made aware of possibilities that I didn’t even know existed! So if they say it can be done and anybody can do it… then why can’t I?? Why can’t I turn my passion into an income.. and not just an income.. but an EMPIRE?!

From today I’m going to commit to documenting my journey in the hope to help others who share the same dream as me. Gone are the days where I had doubt, gone are the days where I asked myself “am I good enough”. Today I am telling myself, that yes I CAN and yes I WILL do this! I will find a way…

So, buckle your seatbelt baby, coz this ride might get a bit rocky!!!!

JessyD Designs

The Journey Begins

Let’s get this party started!

First blog post for 2019. Bit late in the year to be starting out but hey, better late than never right?!

So here goes my first attempt at putting words to paper.. or a computer screen to be more accurate. I’ve known for quite awhile now the importance of having a website, and a blog, but still I procrastinate, allowing the task to overwhelm me and hence getting pushed to the bottom of my mental ‘list of things to do’.  Here I find myself sitting at my very messy but highly organised desk (made from2 x fold up tables purchased from Bunnings) smothered in papers, pens, paints, stones, wooden objects, paint trays and electronics, learning all about ‘how to be confident on camera’ for my YouTube Channel… contemplating whether this is a road I really do want to travel down.. the path less travelled it seems.

Well, I’m here now… so may aswell see where it goes!