Otauna Pattern Designs no more :-(

Started writing this post some time ago and just haven’t found the right words to finish it.

To say I’m dissapointed is an understatement but, as always, I do my best to remain positive.

Otauna, the Dot Mandala company I work for as a Pattern Designer, has closed down all future pattern sales. When the CEO, Ginger, informed me it was hard to take. I felt my ego’s voice say, “BUT WHY???? After all the hardwork and effort we put in??!!!” It just didn’t make sense to me… This WAS going to be one of my passive income streams that would continue to grow and that I would build on every month indefinitely.

After giving it some thought, I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and that Ginger (aswell as Otauna) is on her own personal journey. I can not question or doubt what she is going through, and I am infact honored that she even asked me to become part of Otauna’s mission, even if it was only for a year.

So, I find myself in this very familiar, and some what uncomfortable place again…. trying to figure out how I can create other ways of passive income! While I’m brainstorming ideas in the back of my mind I’ve managed to create 3 Ebooks. The first of many…

Let me know what you think! 🙂

DOT ART TUTORIAL | Using Square tools | Dot Mandala guidebook with square dot tools | Intermediate level

This 5 page tutorial will give you step by step instructions on exactly how to create this pattern using 4 square dot tools (which can be purchased in my Etsy shop) and the large stylus nail art/dot art tool. This pattern is not for a beginner dot artist. If you’re confident with your paint consistency and creating a dot, then this pattern will be fine for you.

If you feel like trying something different then this is a perfect little project for you! The designs are unique to anything else in the dot mandala community. Your design will definitely stand out form the crowd!

Please note that this is a INSTANT DOWNLOAD – no physical item will be sent.

What you get –
*List of tools, medium, useful items and instructions.
*1 large photo of the completed design
*6 small and medium photos so you can follow the process

Each page should be printed and the photos should be referred to with each step similar to that of the Otauna patterns. Please feel free to tag me on social media so i get to see your beautiful creations!

INSTAGRAM GROWTH Ebook | 5 TIPS | How to grow your Instagram audience | Instagram Tutorial | Instagram Basics

INSTANT DOWNLOAD – No physical item will be sent

**Stuck on how to grow your Instagram account???
**Need to learn some quick and easy tips on how to use hashtags???
**What is SEO and how can I optimize it???
**Is my profile image and BIO really THAT important???
**How many times a day should I post???

In this 9 page Ebook I cover the above questions by providing my top 5 tips on growing your Instagram audience.

This Ebook does not include a huge amount of hard to understand technical instructions, it is simple and straight to the point. I’ve included pictures and easy to understand examples.

***Also included*** 2 extremely helpful apps for scheduling your posts and finding out when your audience is most online.

Please note – this Ebook was designed for artists in the dotting community although the principles can be used for any niche.

RESIN COASTERS GUIDEBOOK | Dot Mandala | Mandala Art | Dot Mandala Art | Resin Tutorial

This 14 page guidebook will show you how to create beautiful resin coasters. Save time trying to figure it out for yourself and create something amazing that everyone will love!

This guidebook is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD – no physical item will be sent.

What you get –
* Checklist
* Photos of supplies plus where you can find them
* Optional items that make the dotting process SO MUCH EASIER
* Safety instructions and various things you MUST be aware of when using resin
* Pattern 1 to copy (tool sizes not given)
* Pattern 2 to copy (tool sizes not given)
* Tips & Tricks I’ve learned the hard way!
***Watch my how to keep your dot mandala pattern symmetrical here – ***
Here’s how it works:
1. Click the link Etsy sends you
2. Open your PDF document
3. Read through and checkout the helpful YouTube links enclosed
4. Print the instructions and create your very own beautiful coasters!
5. Share and tag me on social media so I get to see what you create!!
Important to note –
This is an instant download. Please follow the instructions once you’ve placed your purchase. Because this is an instant download no refunds will be given.



Hey beautiful people!

So this morning I woke to 2 new custom orders and a sick 4 year old! It seems like the universe is indeed giving me more work, but also not giving me the chance to get it done!!!

My dot mandala art is skyrocketing at the moment and I’m loving every minute. You know when you’re so engrossed in something you love (tv show, book etc) that you even dream about it at night time?!!! Well that’s where I’m at with my resin art! Last night I had multiple dreams about colour combinations and different shape coasters! I love being in my ‘zone of genius’ so much! 😀

This week i have 3 custom orders to get done and a guide book to answer all my amazing followers questions. Fingers crossed I manage to get it all done!

See ya soon!



Who wants to be a pro Dot Mandala Artist??

Do you struggle with placement? Accuracy? Do you often knock your artwork because it’s not on a balanced steady surface?!!! .I know I certainly did!!! And that’s exactly what lead me to employ my fathers amazing woodworking skills to make me my very own lazy Susan’s!!

These are handmade, QUALITY, wooden, ballbearing swivel lazy Susan’s.They DON’T squeak. They turn BEAUTIFULLY, and they make the whole dotting process SO MUCH EASIER!! If you’re serious about perfecting your skill.. then you’re going to LOVE these bad boys. Each turntable comes with a grip mat. These will be available for purchase with worldwide shipping. Price will range from $35-$55 Australian dollars. If you order more than one or are a repeat customer you’ll receive a discount. .Here to help improve your technique!! 

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop where these bad boys will be available soon! Otherwise feel free to direct message me and I’ll get back to you!

Lazy Susan size options available in my Etsy shop @jessyDDesigns

Technology HEADACHE!

So much to learn! Where to start… what to prioritize!!!!?????

Today I had yet another coaching call about how to grow my business and I am now once again, left feeling overwhelmed and stressed about whether I can actually make this, or create this, ‘art empire’!

Is Dot Mandala’s the right NICHE to be in? Can I make not just a full time income from this niche, but double or TRIPLE a full time income to set myself and my daughter up for life??

And here enters the great big ugly SELF DOUBT element of my personality. Still, I will remain true to my purpose, and continue to believe that the universe has my back! With each step I take I grow… and one cannot have an empire.. without knowing how to manage an empire!

Soooooo… I shall continue to study, learn and create…. and keep you updated with my progress!

Much love and gratitude to you!



Is it possible to create an online art empire?

A question I ask myself every single day. It seems that all the research I’ve done most artists are indeed ‘starving artists’. It is very rare to find an artist earning enough from their art to sustain an income. From what I can see there are few that have created large followings online and sell their work. Is this enough to sustain an income. But even more importantly, is this enough to create an EMPIRE and a bank balance to back it!?!

I’ve known for a couple years now that I want an online business. I’ve followed some amazing entrepreneurs and been made aware of possibilities that I didn’t even know existed! So if they say it can be done and anybody can do it… then why can’t I?? Why can’t I turn my passion into an income.. and not just an income.. but an EMPIRE?!

From today I’m going to commit to documenting my journey in the hope to help others who share the same dream as me. Gone are the days where I had doubt, gone are the days where I asked myself “am I good enough”. Today I am telling myself, that yes I CAN and yes I WILL do this! I will find a way…

So, buckle your seatbelt baby, coz this ride might get a bit rocky!!!!