Conquering the world, one cuppa at a time!

Such a Nanna in my old ageā€¦ and you know what??? Iā€™m totally okay with that! šŸ‘µšŸ¼

I love my cups of tea. I love my warm cozy winter pjā€™s. And I love being at home every night next to the heater learning how to make my dreams come true in between hide-and-seek with my 4 year old. #proudmummy

My night time routine has changed since my 20ā€™s and changed for the better!

So when I look in the mirror and see stretch marks from pregnancy, wrinkles from age, and constantly yawn from staying up too late studying how to grow my dream business – Iā€™m okay with it.

I smile and give myself an imaginary pat on the back because Iā€™m here, showing up everyday being the best version of myself and constantly improving the skills and mind-set I need to build MY #artempire šŸ’œ

I am proof that women left with a broken heart and shattered dreams can turn their life around and find the courage to follow their dreams.. even if it means massive sacrifices.

Single mums unite! Women supporting women! Boss babes! We are unstoppable when we truely believe in ourselves and our own ability to CONQUER THE WORLD!!

BOOM! šŸ’„

Jessica Dalgleish ~ Artist @JessyD_Designs


Okay so is it just me or is anybody else totally obsessed with Mandalas???

I’ve been creating different forms of manadalas (mostly dot mandalas) for years now and I am STILL obsessed. I just feel like I’ll never get bored of them.

I saw a YouTube video last week by Rachels Rocks Canada (watch it here) and just HAD to give her tutorial a go. Since then, I’ve created 4 stones and 4 coasters with this same pattern lol. This seems to be a cycle of mine. I create something I LOVE and am then obsessed with it for a week or two before I move on to the next thing. The only consistent thing I’ve remained doing over the past few years is dot art! And that’ll never change. I’ll never get sick of my gorgeous dot mandalas! šŸ˜

Anyways… I wanted to quickly share with you my recent creations.. For those of you that are artists I hope you find the blending videos helpful.

I hope to inspire you to give this a try yourself. I’d love to see how they turn out so donā€™t forget to tag me on social media.

Enjoy! šŸ’œ

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Blending paint – purple and blues.
The first stone I created with these AMAZING colours!!! LOVE IT!

Immunity building

Hey guys! Back again after a very slow few days. Never have I ever endured the cruel affects of food poisoning.. until now. šŸ¤¢šŸ¤®šŸ¤¢šŸ¤®šŸ¤¢šŸ¤®šŸ¤¢ Something I would NOT wish upon my worst enemy!

I’ll spare you the details but let me just say, I WILL NEVER eat take away red meat again! 12 hours of – what can only be described as similar to labour pains! – and 3 days of bed rest, I was an absolute mess! Not. Fun.

Today is the first day I’m feeling well again (5 days later). Energy levels are back to normal and I’m back eating my usual diet – plus a whole bunch of extra’s to build up my immunity again. Most of you probably don’t know, but I’m a Health Coach. I did my Diploma through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition back in 2018. I loved every minute of it but decided not to take the Health Coach route. After practicing for a few months with a handful of clients I discovered that I didn’t quite have enough patience for most people. Lol.

So what am I doing at this time to build my immunity again??? In my opinion all health is directly linked to gut health. Our digestive system and it’s function has a massive impact on our mind, body and spirit. And after experiencing such a bad reaction to whatever it was that I ate, it’s safe to say my gut health is in a TERRIBLE condition at the moment – definitely not great timing considering all this COVID-19 virus spreading like wild fire lately! Now is the time to be concentrating on eating healthy, overdosing our bodies with vitamins and minerals to prep us for Winter and this nasty virus!

First step – take a high quality probiotic to re-balance the good bacteria in my gut. Second step – have a daily dose of high quality Vitamin C. Thirdly – eat as many fresh organic fruits and viggies a day as possible.

You might see from the above that it’s a pretty simple list of things to focus on. I like to keep it SIMPLE. I think people over-complicate being healthy WAY too much these days…. all these bloody diets do my head in (and yes I did try half a dozen different ones during my course).

You also might notice that my 3 simple steps above are not restricting me in anyway but instead focus on what I CAN have and not what I CAN’T have. I’ve noticed that when you tell people they can’t have something, then that’s all they want to have. And I’m exactly the same. So if I want to eat that chocolate biscuit then I will. But I’ll just have 1 and NOT 2!

So that’s a wrap for today’s blog post. My next one will include some creative endevours I’ve been working on. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Stay safe beautiful people!



Spin bike in my PJ's…

because why can’t I do exercise in my pajama’s at home.. in self isolation.. locked away from the world with this dreaded virus everywhere we turn?! It’s not like anyone’s coming to the door! Don’t want to over-do it though… I think a good ten minutes for today is a good start lol I totally stood up for most of it though.. so doesn’t that count as double the calories?? šŸ˜‰

Spin bike in my PJ’S!!!!

So what else did my exciting day at home yesterday involve? Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. My bathroom is spotless, the washing’s all done and little Miss and I started sorting through her room. Got her 2 bottom draws sorted… she’s wearing size 5 clothes now and I totally found size 3’s left in there hahaha… so it was definitely a job I’ve been putting off for quite sometime!

The second half of the day was spent doing some much needed ART! We had lots of fun creating some Halloween themed black coasters lol… not my idea.. but they actually turned out pretty cool! Will add some sparkles and give them a coat of varnish tonight.

Halloween coasters with Missy Moo.

Woke up to the changes in rules currently taking place in NSW, Australia. The PM is doing his best to emphasis the importance of ‘social distancing’… and fair enough too! Definitely don’t want to be going down the same path as Italy… those poor buggers!

Our day today is looking quite chill. Getting the animals out for a run is my priority as well as reading a few books with my mini me! Also put on a chicken broth this morning. Read that drinking warm liquids every half hour keeps the bugs away! No better drink to be had than an organic chicken broth full of veggies!!!! YUM!

Until next time.. stay safe peeps!



Self Isolation begin #stayathome #coronavirus

March 23rd was the official start of our lockdown here in NSW, Australia. Shops closed at midday. Cafe’s and restaurants are only allowed to do deliveries. Cinemas and casino’s all closed. Thousands of people lost their jobs. We are indeed living in a crazy time!

My morning was spent finishing up a guidebook on Shrinkie Dinks and uploading a new YouTube video. Then my daughter and I managed to get out the old Wii and set it up. Can’t believe it still works!!!

This whole self isolation thing is going to take some getting use to. I’m an introvert, and a home body.. so staying home for me is EASY. My 4 year old isn’t quite the same. Ayla hates being at home for longer than a couple hours. So I’m going to have to think of new and fun things to do with her. I don’t want her sitting on technology for a large chunk of the day. Going to think up some sort of schedule that includes exercise, education, cooking, games and fun with our animals.

Any advice and tips from school teachers welcome! Comment below.

Looks like I’ll be writing blog posts more often now…… will definitely have the time for it! lol. My days will now he starting at 5am so I can connect with all you beautiful people for a couple hours before bub wakes up… xxx

Until next time my beautiful peeps… stay home and keep safe xox

Shrinkie Dink Guidebook:

Shrink plastic art – fun to do with kids.


How to use dotting tools –

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Dot mandala flowers and patterns (time lapse) –

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