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Dotting on glass

✨🍷 For anyone interested in dotting some of your own wine glasses….. hope this helps! 🍷✨

I use FolkArt and DecoArt multisurface paints. I purchased them from Amazon. You just need to make sure you get ‘multisurface’ paints…. I made the mistake of getting Craftsmart acrylic paints thinking it would do the job and it’s the wrong kind! I also think you can use an enamel paint, but haven’t tried this myself.

As far as I’m aware any glassware is suitable. I did quite afew practice pieces I found at my local op shop before I started selling. Op shops usually have really cheap glassware but you can also find great sales at Harris Scarf, Kmart and Target. The stemless wine glasses seem to be most popular FYI 😉

I give my glasses a wipe down with a wet cloth first and let it dry completely before I dot. I use dotting tools and clean them with a wet baby wipe. If you’re going to use a paint brush for dotting or mixing any colours together, be sure NOT to let any water get into your paint as this will stop it from sticking. This means you shouldn’t mix any medium with the paints to change the consistency for dotting like you would on canvas or rocks. You need to keep the paint as it is or it will interfere with the drying and curing process. This can be an adjustment but trust me, no one else will notice if the dots aren’t perfect!

I cure my glasses at a temp of 130 degrees for 30 minutes. Be sure to check the back of the paints you get for instructions as each brand might be slightly different. MAKE SURE you put the glasses in the oven when it’s COLD and remove the glasses from the oven once it has cooled down again. Otherwise the sudden change in temp might cause them to break/shatter.

I don’t put anything over the top to seal. Curing them in the oven is enough.

I only recommend my clients wash their glasses by hand with a soft cloth. Even though they’re meant to be top shelf dishwasher safe, I don’t recommend it.

Does anyone else have any tips to add?

Have you tried enamel paints? If so, which brand and where did you purchase it from?



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