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Spin bike in my PJ's…

because why can’t I do exercise in my pajama’s at home.. in self isolation.. locked away from the world with this dreaded virus everywhere we turn?! It’s not like anyone’s coming to the door! Don’t want to over-do it though… I think a good ten minutes for today is a good start lol I totally stood up for most of it though.. so doesn’t that count as double the calories?? šŸ˜‰

Spin bike in my PJ’S!!!!

So what else did my exciting day at home yesterday involve? Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. My bathroom is spotless, the washing’s all done and little Miss and I started sorting through her room. Got her 2 bottom draws sorted… she’s wearing size 5 clothes now and I totally found size 3’s left in there hahaha… so it was definitely a job I’ve been putting off for quite sometime!

The second half of the day was spent doing some much needed ART! We had lots of fun creating some Halloween themed black coasters lol… not my idea.. but they actually turned out pretty cool! Will add some sparkles and give them a coat of varnish tonight.

Halloween coasters with Missy Moo.

Woke up to the changes in rules currently taking place in NSW, Australia. The PM is doing his best to emphasis the importance of ‘social distancing’… and fair enough too! Definitely don’t want to be going down the same path as Italy… those poor buggers!

Our day today is looking quite chill. Getting the animals out for a run is my priority as well as reading a few books with my mini me! Also put on a chicken broth this morning. Read that drinking warm liquids every half hour keeps the bugs away! No better drink to be had than an organic chicken broth full of veggies!!!! YUM!

Until next time.. stay safe peeps!



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