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Hey beautiful people!

So this morning I woke to 2 new custom orders and a sick 4 year old! It seems like the universe is indeed giving me more work, but also not giving me the chance to get it done!!!

My dot mandala art is skyrocketing at the moment and I’m loving every minute. You know when you’re so engrossed in something you love (tv show, book etc) that you even dream about it at night time?!!! Well that’s where I’m at with my resin art! Last night I had multiple dreams about colour combinations and different shape coasters! I love being in my ‘zone of genius’ so much! 😀

This week i have 3 custom orders to get done and a guide book to answer all my amazing followers questions. Fingers crossed I manage to get it all done!

See ya soon!



By jessyddesigns

Dot mandala artist and teacher.

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