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Who wants to be a pro Dot Mandala Artist??

Do you struggle with placement? Accuracy? Do you often knock your artwork because it’s not on a balanced steady surface?!!! .I know I certainly did!!! And that’s exactly what lead me to employ my fathers amazing woodworking skills to make me my very own lazy Susan’s!!

These are handmade, QUALITY, wooden, ballbearing swivel lazy Susan’s.They DON’T squeak. They turn BEAUTIFULLY, and they make the whole dotting process SO MUCH EASIER!! If you’re serious about perfecting your skill.. then you’re going to LOVE these bad boys. Each turntable comes with a grip mat. These will be available for purchase with worldwide shipping. Price will range from $35-$55 Australian dollars. If you order more than one or are a repeat customer you’ll receive a discount. .Here to help improve your technique!! 

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop where these bad boys will be available soon! Otherwise feel free to direct message me and I’ll get back to you!

Lazy Susan size options available in my Etsy shop @jessyDDesigns

By jessyddesigns

Dot mandala artist and teacher.

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