JessyD Designs

Technology HEADACHE!

So much to learn! Where to start… what to prioritize!!!!?????

Today I had yet another coaching call about how to grow my business and I am now once again, left feeling overwhelmed and stressed about whether I can actually make this, or create this, ‘art empire’!

Is Dot Mandala’s the right NICHE to be in? Can I make not just a full time income from this niche, but double or TRIPLE a full time income to set myself and my daughter up for life??

And here enters the great big ugly SELF DOUBT element of my personality. Still, I will remain true to my purpose, and continue to believe that the universe has my back! With each step I take I grow… and one cannot have an empire.. without knowing how to manage an empire!

Soooooo… I shall continue to study, learn and create…. and keep you updated with my progress!

Much love and gratitude to you!



By jessyddesigns

Dot mandala artist and teacher.

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